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Value Line Library Research Service Comparison

Value Line Library offers three levels of subscription access to our investment research platform – Library Elite, Library Basic and, Library Research Center. Our investment research platform features more than two dozen customizable modules for your patrons to maximize the value of your library's online research subscription. Compare companies covered, historical data, and other features using the chart below. Choose which Value Line tier will best suit your patrons.

      Most popular
Coverage of stocks comprising more than 90% of the value of all stocks traded on U.S. Exchanges
Companies included have market values ranging from less than $1 billion to well over $2 trillion across 100 industries ---
Historical reports and financial data
Stock Screener
Access to the Dow 30 stocks
Online training and user support
Access to historical webinars
Fund Advisor Plus --- ---
Special Situations Service --- ---
Options Survey --- ---
The New Value Line ETF Service --- ---
The Value Line Climate Change Investing Service --- ---


Library Research Products Breakdown

Library Basic grants access to our vault of investment research, data, expert analysis, and unbiased commentary with a time-tested and proven Ranking System.

Library Basic covers stocks included in The Value Line Investment Survey®, drawn from nearly 100 industries, and representing 90% of total U.S. daily trading volume. There are over 340 data fields that can be applied to help you make more informed decisions. Value Line has led its subscribers towards financial success by satisfying the demand for actionable insights and tools to manage any investment.

Library Elite is our most extensive research tier, granting access to a vault of investment research, data, expert analysis, and unbiased commentary with a time-tested and performance-proven Ranking System. 

Library Elite provides the key to opening The Value Line Investment Survey®, Small & Mid-Cap Survey, and the expanded Value Line "Universe" of stocks, with features and functions to streamline investment strategies. Combining advanced tools and extensive data, Library Elite enables investors to find the most attractively priced stocks to meet their investment needs.

Library Research Center is a single, cost-effective research package covering multiple asset classes, combining the built-in speed, convenience, accuracy, and functionality that can transform an average investor into an extremely profitable one.

Library Research Center includes Library Elite, signature access to our investment research platform--one of the most highly-regarded independent research resources, and the following supplemental products – Value Line Fund Advisor Plus, The Value Line Special Situations Service, The Value Line Options Survey, The New Value Line ETF Service, and the Value Line Climate Change Investing Service.


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The Value Line platform features
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online research subscription. Compare
companies' covered analyzed historical
data and other features.

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