The Value Line ETF Survey

A complete database of every U.S. and Japan listed ETF

Intelligent. Intuitive. Inclusive. Value Line ETF Survey provides performance, funds flow, and asset allocation data-tracking components for every U.S.- and Japan-listed ETF, but it's more than that--it's an essential tool for your patrons.

Our data delivers a complete picture of institutional and individual investor flows as well as passive fund manager allocations driving global markets. Users of Value Line's ETF Survey love the features of this one-of-a-kind product, which includes access to data on more than 2,200 ETFs from every asset class, sector, and industry.

Key features include:

  • User-friendly screening on a wide range of categories including asset class, geography of holdings, sector, investment philosophy, primary exchange, and more
  • Investment metrics to evaluate performance
  • Global heat maps to quickly locate holdings in specific regions and countries
  • Weekly updates on newly launched ETFs
  • Intelligent, intuitive, and inclusive data

The ETF database includes more than 2,200 ETFs covering every asset-class, sector, and industry. Primary categories are:

  • Geography: U.S., Global, International, Regional, Country Specific, Emerging Markets
  • Asset Class: Equity, Fixed Income, Commodity, Currency, Real Estate, Multi-asset, Hybrid
  • Investment Philosophy: Passive Index, Enhanced Index, Actively Managed, Socially Responsible
  • Index Composition: Traditional, Fundamental, Alternative
  • Leveraged/Inverse: No Leverage, Leveraged, Inverse, Inverse Leveraged

Value Line ETF Survey is available as an add-on and standalone product.

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