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Value Line's Classic Print products like the The Value Line Investment Survey® provide all of the independent information and analysis your patrons need to discover timely opportunities and make smart investment decisions.

This legendary Value Line product is a comprehensive and multifaceted investment management solution, which contains some of the most actively traded U.S. exchange-listed stocks. As a subscriber, you’ll have extensive research powers using aggregate data and ratings on industries and markets, model portfolios, and more. What’s more, you’ll anticipate the future with Value Line’s performance-proven Timeliness™ Rank, which forecasts relative price performance for the company six to 12 months, and Safety™ Rank, which measures risk. Components include:


Ratings & Reports

Fine-tune your research through updated full-page stock reports with historical price graph, easy-to-read charts, Timeliness and Safety Ranks, ratings, P/E ratios, annualized returns, 3-to-5-year price projections, target prices and business profile. Plus updated analyst commentary, financial results, peer performance and more. In addition to the digital access, 130 reports are fully reviewed by analysts every week, giving you fresh reports on all stocks that comprise over 90% of the value of all stocks that trade on U.S. exchanges, once a quarter.

Summary & Index

Your index of updated information and data for all stocks that comprise over 90% of the value of all stocks that trade on U.S. exchanges, with a list of industries ranked by probable price performance for the next 12 months. Contains revised P/E ratios, dividend yields and estimated appreciation potential. Individual stock reports include important Timeliness and Safety Rank changes, and updated beta, current and estimated P/E ratios, estimated yield in next 12 months, estimated earnings and dividends and high-value screens that reveal the best investment opportunities.

Selection & Opinion

View the investing landscape with weekly analyses and forecasts for the current economic and stock market environment, current bond yields, and Federal Reserve data. Consult our model portfolios for aggressive, growth, value and income strategies. Keep up with insider transactions, changes in financial strength ratings, best and worst performing industries, high-value screens, and more.

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Investment Survey 

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