Managed Portfolios 

Combining research & proactive management for insightful approaches to investing

Efficiently serving clients with a lineup of investment portfolios actively managed by Value Line. We start with rigorous, thorough research to select investments based on their fundamental merits. Then, we put them to work for you in a series of sophisticated portfolios.

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Value Line Select® Portfolio
Stocks that possess above-average total return potential
Each month, the one stock above all others that appears to have the best upside and risk/reward ratio is recommended for purchase. Learn more >>

Value Line Select: Dividend Income & Growth Portfolio
Stocks that offer above-average dividend income and growth prospects
Each month, the one stock that appears to have the best dividend prospects, which includes the current yield and growth prospects, is recommended for purchase. Two alternative selections are also highlighted each month. Learn more >>

The Value Line Special Situations Service Portfolio
Small- and Mid-Cap stocks that offer appealing investment prospects
Each month, one Aggressive stock and one conservative stock is recommended for purchase. Learn more >>

Value Line Mutual Funds Model Portfolio
No-load and low-load funds are recommended for purchase
This is an actively managed portfolio that contains 10 equally-weighted mutual funds selected from 10 different asset classes.

Value Line $5 - $15 Portfolio
Stocks that are priced between $5 and $15 are recommended for purchase
The portfolio holds 20 equities that possess above-average long-term appreciation potential.

Value Line Model Portfolio I
Stocks with above-average year-ahead price potential 
Primarily suitable for investors who wish to take more risk in hopes of greater returns.

Value Line Model Portfolio II
Stocks for income and potential price appreciation
Primarily suitable for more-conservative investors. 

Value Line Model Portfolio III
Stocks with long-term price growth potential
Primarily suitable for investors with a 3- to 5-year investment horizon.

Value Line Model Portfolio IV
Stocks with above-average dividend yields
Primarily suitable for investors with an interest in current income with a risk profile that will likely be less than the broader market.