Small & Mid-Cap Survey

A single, cost-effective professional research package across multiple asset classes.

If you’re seeking exceptional profit opportunities and are interested in Small and Mid-Cap stocks, The Value Line Investment Survey® – Small & Mid-Cap is your must-have market guide.

Our Small & Mid-Cap service applies Value Line’s world-class financial information and quantitative analysis to approximately 1,700 companies with market capitalizations of less than $10 billion. Information about these companies is often hard to find. So reliable, unbiased information about them can be scarce. But hidden among them are gems with the potential to yield spectacular gains.

All subscribers to Small & Mid-Cap receive comprehensive, updated stock reports with highly detailed business descriptions, current earnings estimates, predictive performance indicators, and analytical tools to help you make smart investment decisions. A feature of each stock report is updated with changes in our Performance Rank, which makes picking winning stocks as easy as counting from 1 to 5. The Performance Rank is a forecast of relative price performance for the coming 6 to 12 months. Subscribers are encouraged to buy stocks ranked from 1 or 2 for Performance and to sell stocks ranked 4 or 5 for Performance. Our Safety™ Rank provides an easy-to-use way to measure risk so that subscribers avoid stocks of highly risky companies. These reports are available on the VL website with approximately 135 new stock reports being issued each week. In addition, a monthly print issue covering about 133 of the approximately 1,700 stocks in the Small and Mid-Cap universe is mailed to each print subscriber each month.

Small and Mid-Cap also includes two actively managed model portfolios — one that features stocks with strong growth prospects and another that focus on dividend payers including value-oriented stocks. They are reviewed and updated each week on the subscriber-only website.

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