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One stock above all others. Using The Value Line Ranking System to screen stocks that comprise over 90% of the value of all stocks that trade on U.S. exchanges, one stock is chosen above all others. We conduct qualitative research by digging into the operations and prospects of the most promising companies, often speaking with management. We assess the economic and industry outlook, as well as the competition. Finally, we project future financial results to derive the month's recommended stock's target price.

The Value Line universe of stocks includes many analyst-covered equities but only one stock above all others is chosen each month as the selected recommendation. Every month, Value Line Select subscribers receive a comprehensive 15-25 page research report on a single stock chosen by our senior analysts. Our experts use in-depth fundamental research, as well as proprietary tools to choose one stock with reasonable risk and maximum total-return potential each month.

Plus, we now also offer a Bonus Recommendation. An alternative to the main selection, the Bonus Recommendation will be an equity from a lesser-known company with smaller market capitalization (less than $5.0 billion) and a higher risk profile containing more upside potential than the main equity selection.

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