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Empowering your patrons to become successful investors

Empowering investors of all levels with our time-tested ranking system and unbiased commentary, Value Line is here to educate the investors of tomorrow. We provide libraries with powerful tools to research thousands of stocks, mutual funds, mixed assets, ETFs & options. Value Line Library clients include the following type of libraries:


Value Line’s investment research is aimed at providing the highest level of service for academic libraries, regardless of size or prestige. Students learn through hands-on experience and professors use our research as a “real-life” teaching tool. The tools and information provided by Value Line’s Library products can help distinguish your programs from the rest.


Value Line is committed to meeting the needs of your employees and providing a product that will add value to corporate libraries. Our focus on operating numbers and the quantitative expertise of our analysts can save hours of work in identifying and examining interesting stock, mutual fund, option, convertible and special situation investing opportunities.


Value Line research supports law libraries that work behind the scenes at every law school across the nation to increase profitable investments. While reliable information can be hard to find, the knowledge held in Value Line’s research creates a shield of data and analysis that helps you battle against risks and open doors to substantial gains.


Expand community by giving patrons the tools they need to manage their portfolios and find the best opportunities to profit. Patrons can access the data and analysis needed to make informed decisions – 24/7, updated weekly. Value Line helps you expand your community and increase traffic by giving patrons the tools they need to manage their portfolios and find the best opportunities to profit.



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